Why You Should Start Your Own Small Business

This bunch of articles about small businesses will assist all the people who are expecting to start a new small business. At the same time for the people who are already engaging in businesses. this will be a beneficial guide and new inspiration to everybody witch have been mentioned above.

The first thing you must keep in your mind is that starting a business without adequate knowledge or a plan might be a reason to damage your wealth instead of an investment. that’s why you require a trustworthy source of knowledge like this kind of blog to make success your effort.

at first, try to understand what is called “WEALTH”. I can clarify this in a simple step. wealth is the money, property, or goodwill that you have earned during some time .sometimes “Wealth” might be all the above facts .in this session, I name your most crucial fact as “MONEY”.

money has high liquidity. (Liquidity is the ability to convert an asset to cash fast) . according to the theories of economics. nature of the money (Cash) is decreasing its value in course of time due to inflation. as an instance, a commodity you can buy for 100 dollars at this moment from the market .

sometimes after 15 years you will have to spend about 250 dollars to buy the same commodity from the same market .due to such reasons, it’s not reasonable to deposit your money in a bank or another finance institute in order to get an interest income as many people do.

that’s why deciding to start a small business as a way of investment, becomes a radical decision you have to get. if you can start and continue a business successfully, that will give you amazing benefits than investing your money in a place like a bank or finance company .in this series of articles, you are guided to achieve outstanding success through your own business.     

Be your own’s boss in your small business

Most people know that doing a job under a boss in an office is a big headache. being in accordance with their rules and having to face their obstinate decisions are unpleasant incidents witch many job people have to face. especially, such competitive age of every industry it is a normal thing.

anyway. the interesting fact you should know is there are a good administrator and decision-maker inside each one of us. you might be believing that you are not a good decision maker or ruler. don’t worry, my responsibility is showing you the path to polish your talents of ruling and decision making.

if you are an owner of a small business then involuntarily you become the boss of your business. mainly, the success of the business is depended on the decisions you get and the ways you direct the persons working under your guidance. I have written about the points you should develop to become a good boss. that will be useful to read.

becoming a boss seems like some psychological requirement .but it’s not only about handling employees but also a fact about freedom of our life.to start your own small business you need only dedication determination and creative thinking. you don’t need big academic qualifications.

You need such a large scale of academic knowledge under the growth of the business to manage it. anyway, working as a boss in your own’s place will become an enjoyable thing in your life.  

Extra income is good for your economy

There is a big risk of doing a job as your only income resource. due to different reasons. your job could be lost as an instance. think about the job crisis involved over the world due to Covid -19 Pandemic. a lot of people lost their jobs during the pandemic. then If there is no conflict with the code of conduction of your job, you have a good chance to keep a business parallel to your job.

That becomes an extra strength to your economy. many people think that doing a small business parallel to the job is hard .but, we have met a lot of people who are evolving both of them successfully in real life. I have a small guide about how to manage your business with your job.

If you are not a jobholder it’s more comfortable to do a business due to the ability to dedicate full time to the business. is it not better than stuck in a building from 8 to 5 under a Boss ?. work for yourself will achieve your targets than work for some others you don’t know.  

Keep in touch with society

In this capitalism based social-economic system, you must have to evolve in some work to generate some wealth. if you are not a born wealthy person, then you have to do some job or evolve in a business. If you choose to do a job, you have to work from eight to five under a boss.

if you will do the job form age 25 to 55, it means you have to spend your better time of life as a worker for the progress of some other you don’t know, not for you. in that case. as usual you may have to withdraw from the society around you. as an instance, think about the people who are working in far away from home. they miss their loved ones.

it does not mean that being a small businessman you are able to enjoy with your family and friends all ways and all the time. but I can certify that becoming a businessman you would enjoy freedom and independence than doing a job. but the biggest thing you should not forget is doing a business is a challenge always.    

You are the god of your success

In a way, doing a small business is a big challenge and, at the same time, you can pursuing it as your hobby. the nature of the businesses is changing the level of income according to the changes that occur in the social-economic and political system of the country.

during some periods you will be able to earn good income .in some periods low-income .that is the nature of the businesses any kind. If you deject during difficult periods, then it defines that you have not identified the qualities of a good businessman.

just as I mentioned above, doing a business is not a child game but a serious process.it is a game that you can make as your hobby. your talents and dedications are the keys to winning flag .our purpose is the guiding you to archive your success rapidly and safely.     


In this post, we are discussed regarding the important facts of starting a new small business .there are hundred of fair reasons for that. anyway, we have discussed five important points here widely. We believe that you have got the points we mentioned above. The wisest thing is finding the most appropriate way from thinking about what you can do .learn something new every time you can do.
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