What is businessdelicay.com?

Businessdelicacy.com is a blog witch provides instructions and guidelines to new entrepreneurs and people who are engaging in small businesses already. this blog is maintained by Praxis-Media.

all articles in this blog have been written, basing the experiences and analysis obtained by the founder from involving in small businesses for a long time.

this blog is contained with a bunch of articles related to small businesses. new trends of home businesses, starting a new business, internet-based business, challenges, and practical business matters are the key subjects which we are discussed here.

From the Point of View of Founder

At first, I would like to introduce myself as the founder of this blog and Praxis-Media Co. I’m Viraj Weerakkody (Proprietor of Praxis-Media). a non-academic business analyst.in the profession, a banker in a reputed private bank.

at the same time, I contribute to the business of my sister as an indirect partner. I thought to launch such a blog basically to give a guide to new entrepreneurs and small business holders with my banking and practical business knowledge.

this blog is launched under the brand name “Praxis- Media” and it will be worked as my online business. you can get further details about me through my Linked-in profile or contact us page in this blog.

What are the key points you can learn through this blog?

  • How to Start your own small business.
  • Methods to develop your current business
  • Marketing tips for small businesses
  • Qualities you should develop as a small businessmen 
  • Online business tips
  • How to use the internet for the progress of your business 
  • Challenges you have to face when engaging in businesses and it’s solutions
  • New small business ideas
  • Guidelines to administration of your business

We have categorized all article in this blog under below 05 categories 

  • Small Business Starter Pack
  • Online Business Guide
  • Tips And Guidelines for Small businesses
  • Small Business Management
  • Internet Guide For Small Businesses

In addition to these main categories, you can find the list of articles under the All Article category. If you have any question regarding any article, mention in the comment box of the relevant article. We are ready to make replies as soon as possible to solve them.

“A small business is an amazing way to serve and leave an impact on the world you live in.”
– Nicole Snow